Luxury + Sustainability


Every Wild Saint London garment is crafted from the highest grade of certified Mongolian cashmere. 
We seek out the best craftsmanship as local as possible. All our items are hand finished and perfected, for the utmost comfort, durability and style. The ultimate balancing of form and function.
This way of working supports local people, communities and preserves traditional craft.  It protects the skills and the dignity of people and communities.


From the point of design, to the weaving and construction of the garment, we ensure we create Built-to-Last luxury items. They are timeless additions for the modern sustainable wardrobe, and will continue to be relevant season after season 
Exquisite, purposeful and luxurious. Made to be loved for life.
By creating in this way, we are addressing issues of excessive consumption, climate change and respecting the finite resources Earth has to offer us.


All of our cashmere is sourced from the semi wild Kashmir goats living in the cold region of Mongolia.  The high and dry plateau surrounding the Gobi Desert of Mongolia produces the best quality of cashmere due to the vast temperature oscillation between summer and winter.  The fleece of the goats is combed during the spring moulting season, and their hairs cleaned, classified and spun to create cashmere yarns from which our products are woven.


All of our cashmere is certified by the CCMI, an institution that protects the integrity of genuine high quality cashmere.  They are committed to quality through the best practices, working to good land management practices, against cruelty and abuse of all animal; furthermore, they invest to improve their process further year after year.

You can have confidence that any cashmere products you purchase from us is made using the highest grade of genuine Mongolian cashmere.


Cashmere is a natural fibre that is excellent at wicking moisture away from the skin making it exceptionally comfortable to wear.
Small air spaces between the fibres make it warm without weight, providing insulation and airflow to allow the skin to breath whilst feeling sumptuous against your skin. 
The grade of cashmere that we use has the longest and finest fibres that allow for a more durable product with the softest feel. As a natural fabric, it can also be reunited with the earth, or recycled with ease.


We know the details matter.  This is why we offer complimentary personalistion on all of our cashmere scarves.
We offer a choice of up to 3 characters embroidered in your choice of black or white thread.  The embroidery is 4.5cm in height or a more discrete monogram at 2cm.  Please note that all personalised items are non-refundable.
For further inquiries or if you require assistance with your purchase, please contact us at


Whilst we work to avoid and minimise our damage to the environment and biodiversity, we recognise that a fashion choice will never be without impact. 
This is why as part of our "restore and offset" responsibility we have an ongoing charity partnership with Project Seagrass.  They are able to plant 1 square meter of seagrass for every cashmere scarf we sell and 1 square meter of seagrass for every 3 pairs of socks we sell.