Cashmere + Care


All of our cashmere is sourced from the semi wild Kashmir goats living in the cold region of Mongolia. 

The high and dry plateau surrounding the Gobi Desert of Mongolia produces the best quality of cashmere due to the vast temperature oscillation between summer and winter. 

The fleece of the goats is sheared during the spring moulting season, and their hairs cleaned, classified and spun to create cashmere yarns from which our products are woven.



Cashmere is a natural fibre that is excellent at wicking moisture away from the skin making it exceptionally comfortable to wear.
Small air spaces between the fibres make it warm without weight, providing insulation and airflow to allow the skin to breath whilst feeling sumptuous against your skin.

The grade of cashmere that we use has the longest and finest fibres that allow for a more durable product with the softest feel. As a natural fabric, it can also be reunited with the earth, or recycled with ease.



With a little bit of care your cashmere garment can age wonderfully and last a lifetime.  Please always read the care label for your garment before cleaning.

When handwashing it is important to use a hand-wash liquid (we recommend Number 3 Eco Wash for cashmere and wool by the Clothes Doctor) or specially-formulated wool shampoo. Normal biological washing detergents include enzymes that will ‘rot’ the fibres over time and can ruin a garment

Hand Wash

We recommend the following process for hand-washing:

• Turn the garment inside out and place in lukewarm water containing the cashmere hand wash liquid. • Gently press the water through fabric – do not rub, wring or stretch. • Rinse thoroughly in clean cold or lukewarm water. • Squeeze out excess water, taking care not lift the garment when it is saturated with water as this can cause misshaping • Place on a flat surface or on a towel and smooth the garment back into shape. • Dry flat, away from sunlight or direct heat sources. • Once dry, press lightly on reverse with a cool iron.

Tips for Storing Your Cashmere

When storing your cashmere garment, try to fold or roll rather than hang, which can stretch your knit out of shape. If you put your cashmere garments away for the summer, use a breathable sealed bag, draw or storage box to avoid the moths getting in.  Store with cedar balls or in drawers lined with moth-repellent paper


Moths are cashmere’s worst enemy! Always store your cashmere garments clean, as dirt can attract the moths. Lavender sachets and cedar balls may help to prevent moths.

If you are not wearing your garment regularly, make sure you air and clean wardrobes and drawers and shake out garments periodically. Have a quick look over – moths like nooks such folds.